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We help attract new customers to your business

with the implementation of effective internet marketing strategies

Landing pageContextual advertisingTargeted advertisingSMMSEOEmail-marketingDirect-marketingCopywritingInfographicsProduction of video advertising

We create selling sites and launch effective advertising campaigns
in search engines and social networks!

Landing Page | Google Ads | Facebook Ads | Instagram

We believe that your business needs comprehensive promotion on the Internet if:

You understand modern realities about the fact that: "If today there is no business on the Internet, then it is not available anywhere."

The business is working, but it needs to scale with additional applications via the Internet.

There was a need for a new audience and to renew relations with the existing one.

You hire employees to work on SMM and SEO, but your expectations are not met.

We will develop a unique selling
Landing Page for your business.

That will allow you to increase the number of orders for your services and products, optimize advertising costs, position your product in the right way in the eyes of the consumer and get more customers through a well-structured presentation of information and a unique selling proposition!

We will set up contextual
advertising in Google Ads.

This very delicate process is an important component in increasing the flow of visitors to your Landing Page in order to increase the number of orders and profit! We also painstakingly use various strategic approaches to optimize your advertising budget as much as possible.

Promotion of your brand, goods, services and events on Facebook and Instagram.

This tool is a very delicate component that requires special delicacy in the presentation of information about your products, services and events, because today social networks have become a rather lively element of our communication. It requires a very organic, reverent and diverse approach to working with the audience.

We will create a multilingual project for you, namely in English, Russian and Hebrew.

Successful businesses strive to develop new markets and, therefore, to position themselves in new regions - where their potential customer is located. Offering your products and services in new regions in several languages will make your product more recognizable and attract new loyal customers.


We optimize the landing page to increase its position in the browser results for certain user requests in order to increase network traffic and potential customers.

A set of measures to use social networks as channels for promoting companies or brands. It is believed that messages transmitted on social networks inspire more confidence among potential consumers of a product or service.

Direct marketing

We will establish direct personal communication with the recipient of the message (the end client, whether it be an individual or a company) in order to build relationships and make a profit. Direct marketing involves feedback and does not use information intermediaries for communication.

We will write texts for you for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. Texts that stimulate sales growth or popularize a product, company, service.
Audiovisual content

We will create a beautiful audiovisual promotional material for you. This will help to capture the attention of your potential customers and bring them to the product page. And also for embedding directly on your selling landing page to generate more interest in your business/product/company.

The numbers are convincing. Infographics is one of the forms of graphic and communication design. We will create graphic content for your landing page to present information, data and knowledge. The purpose of which will be to quickly and clearly present complex information about the benefits of your product.
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And we will calculate the cost of the order as soon as possible and develop the strategic solutions you need!

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The website of the book "FLIGHT"
Website for hairdresser-stylist Lida Korsunskaya
Online sketching course
Creative community CREMUNI
Center for Environmental Audit and Clean Technologies. Ukraine
Создание Landing Pages с удобным дизайном.
Pet Barbershop. Israel
Hotel Sonata Garden
Создание Landing Pages с удобным дизайном.
Coaching. Consulting and training
Создание Landing Pages с удобным дизайном.
Apply to calculate the cost of your order now and for free!

And we will calculate the cost of the order as soon as possible and develop the strategic solutions you need!

We will contact you and give you professional advice!

Hello! My name is Artem Chukov, and I am the leader and organizer of Kiparis Studio. I strongly believe that synergy between the customer and contractor is the key to successful cooperation. Our team guarantees the production of high-quality, user-friendly websites, effectively executes advertising campaigns on search engines and social networks, and delivers completed work within a mutually agreed-upon timeframe. Honesty, responsibility, and creativity are core values of our young company.
We understand that every business is unique, and we therefore calculate the costs of our services individually for each client. External and internal conditions, the customer's intentions, and various other factors all play a role in determining the optimal strategy for each project. We strive to take these factors into account when delivering our services.
We specialize in attracting new clients to your business by conducting effective online advertising campaigns. Our services include the creation of customized selling sites and the launch of successful advertising campaigns on search engines and social networks such as Instagram, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.
Here are some of the things we can do for you:
- We will create tailored Landing Pages, business card sites, online stores, administrative or educational electronic platforms with your product/service on a turnkey basis.
- We ensure your site is easily readable across multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
- We will conduct a thorough market analysis on the internet to understand and analyze your competition.
- We will craft engaging and effective content to capture your audiences with "catchy" selling texts.
- We will perform critical SEO optimization to help your site rank higher in search results.
- We set up effective advertising campaigns in Google Ads and configure Google Analytics along with it.
- Our team will also help set up call-tracking features to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of calls from your site.
- We will manage your social media presence by conducting the necessary SMM works, setting up effective advertising through Facebook Ads Manager, and managing your Facebook + Instagram accounts.
- We will continually maintain your website and carry out consistent audits.
- We provide organized performance analytics such as ROI, CTR, CPC, CR, EPC to help you understand your website's success.
- Our language expertise extends to helping create and promote websites in Russian, English, and Hebrew.
- We provide comprehensive measures to promote your business's online success.
Apply to calculate the cost of your order now and for free!

And we will calculate the cost of the order as soon as possible and develop the strategic solutions you need!

We will contact you and give you professional advice!

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3684707, Nesher, Haifa, Israel
+972 53 609 5496

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